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  • Experience a great adventure!

    We offer kayak and canoe trips along following rivers:

    • Brda i Zbrzyca
    • Wda
    • Slupia
    • Łupawa
    • Drawa
    • Wieprza
    • Pilawa
    • Chocina
  • We propose the following trails:

    • One day trips – Brda, Chocina, Zbrzyca, Wda and other rivers
    • Two day trips – Brda, , Zbrzyca, Wda, Słupia, Wieprza and other rivers
    • Three day or longer trips – Brda, Wieprza, Wda, Piława, Łupawa, Słupia, Drawa and other rivers
  • Open air museum Wdzydze

    The open air museum of Wdzydze Kiszewskie is over 100 years old and boasts a collection of nearly 50 historic wooden buildings. This was the first open air museum in Poland and was founded in 1906 by Theodora and Isidore Gulgowscy in an eighteenth-century cottage. At the beginning the collection included domestic and farm equipment, and … a valuable collection of gold embroidered bonnets. 
    Today the museum is very attrctive, beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Golun and is well worth a visit. Visitors can see how old Kociewskie and Kashubian villages used to look. Covering an area of ​22 hectares, we can explore equipped cottages, manor houses, farms, taverns, a church (250 years old), school (150 years old), windmills (120 years old), a smithy, sawmill and many others. You feel like you have stepped back in time to another world. You can even get married in a historic church, transferred to the museum from the village of Swornegacie. 

    This is a vibrant place thanks to concerts, exhibitions and picnics for visitors from home and abroad. There are many educational opportunities: you can participate in workshops in weaving, clay pottery, embroidery, painting on glass, making Christmas decorations, etc. 
    For almost 40 years, on the third Sunday of July, the Wdzydzki Fair has been held. This is the biggest summer event in Kashubia folklore. The fair attracts several thousand people each year, many of whom are citizens of Pomerania, as well as tourists who are here on holiday. In the grounds of the museum a rich programme of events is prepared for the day in different parts of the 22-hectare site. There are folk performances, music concerts, demonstrations of trades, crafts and traditional rural activities, combined with the opportunity to learn about and buy finished products. Numerous family folk games, contests with prizes, as well as meetings with artists, craftsmen and artisans provide a fun, pleasant atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. 


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