• Kayaking or canoeing in Poland? Contact us on 00 48 6666 444 22 or e-mail info@gokajaki.pl !
  • Experience a great adventure!

    We offer kayak and canoe trips along following rivers:

    • Brda i Zbrzyca
    • Wda
    • Slupia
    • Łupawa
    • Drawa
    • Wieprza
    • Pilawa
    • Chocina
  • We propose the following trails:

    • One day trips – Brda, Chocina, Zbrzyca, Wda and other rivers
    • Two day trips – Brda, , Zbrzyca, Wda, Słupia, Wieprza and other rivers
    • Three day or longer trips – Brda, Wieprza, Wda, Piława, Łupawa, Słupia, Drawa and other rivers
  • Wavesport Vista Kayaks

    Price: from 40 zlotys / day.  Wavesport Vista – polyethylene double kayak (the material is very durable, and damage when use...

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    Price: from 45 zlotys / day. Perception Horizon Broaden your horizons… This versatile twin-cockpit tandem kayak is perfect for...

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    Perception Carolina 14 kayaks

    Price from 35 zlotys / day  Perception Carolina 14 – Perception Carolina 14 - single polyethylene kayak (the material is ver...

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    Price from 35zl/day Dagger Blackwater 10.5 – is a quick recreational kayak featuring skeg, stern hatch, thigh braces and more. E...

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    Rainbow Apache 16 canoes

    Price from 45 zlotys / day Canoe Rainbow Apache 16 – three or four person canoe made of polyethylene. Provides a good time d...

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    Double or triple igloo tents

    Price: double - 5 zlotys, triple - 6 zlotys / day.

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    Spray decks

    Price: from 6 zlotys / day.  Spray decks - with rubber seals, provide protection for the cockpit and the "stack" against rain....

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    Waterproof bags and barrels

    Price:  3 zlotys (Bag 20 litres)  6 zlotys (Bag 59 litres)  6 zlotys (Barrel 20 litres) / day.  Bags made of PVC are water ...

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    Price: from 1,20 zlotych / km. Once you have reserved equipment and selected start and end points for the trip it is a simple m...

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    Kayak or canoe dolly

    Price from 6 zlotys / day  Kayak or canoe dolly – very practical when encountering a power plant or stagnation, where there ...

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    Buoyancy aids and life jackets

    We offer a wide range of buoyancy aids and life jackets for children and adults. They come complimentary with each kayak or canoe.

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    We provide light canoe and kayak paddles (asymmetrical or straight). They come complimentary with each kayak or canoe.

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