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  • Experience a great adventure!

    We offer kayak and canoe trips along following rivers:

    • Brda i Zbrzyca
    • Wda
    • Slupia
    • Łupawa
    • Drawa
    • Wieprza
    • Pilawa
    • Chocina
  • We propose the following trails:

    • One day trips – Brda, Chocina, Zbrzyca, Wda and other rivers
    • Two day trips – Brda, , Zbrzyca, Wda, Słupia, Wieprza and other rivers
    • Three day or longer trips – Brda, Wieprza, Wda, Piława, Łupawa, Słupia, Drawa and other rivers
  • Holiday resorts

    O.W. MIKOMANIA Funka k. Chojnic 89-606 Charzykowy tel.: (52) 398 80 07 kom.: +48 604 637 368 kom.: +48 666 339 112 www.mikomania.pl Ośrodek wypoczynkowy w miejscowości Funka nad Jeziorem Charzykowskim.  Domki i pokoje 2, 3, 4 osobowe. Maksymalnie 260 miejsc noclegowych.
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    Do you prefer a hotel, inn, resort, rural tourism or camping site? Just contact us via e-mail or phone us and we will help you find and book vacancies.
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    “Bory Tucholskie” National Park

    "Bory Tucholskie" National Park (Tuchola Forests) was created in 1996. The park is located in the province of Pomerania, in the district of Chojnice. Its centre is in Charzykowy, located 3 km from Chojnice. The plants to be seen are relics of the glacial and post-glacial periods. These include, among others, peat violet, lily fine stellaria thickl [ + ]
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    The town of Chojnice

    Chojnice is a town located in the province of Pomerania. The first mention of the town comes from the year 1275. In 1309 the city came under the rule of the Teutonic Knights. The Knights, taking advantage of the fact that the town is surrounded by two lakes (Knights and Green), built a defensive system of fortifications, shafts and double moats. Th [ + ]
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    Fojutowo Aqueduct

    This structure is a great example of hydro architecture and was modelled on similar structures of ancient Rome. The Aqueduct, which is constructed of stone and yellow brick bonded with lime, was built in the years 1845-1849 to irrigate the Czerskie Meadows with water from the river Brda. It is 75 m long and is the intersection of two watercourses [ + ]
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    Kashubian Folk Handicraft House

    Opened in 2005, the Kashubian Folk Handicraft House in Swornegacie (renovation and modernisation of the facility supported by funds from EU programmes). With the creation of the new facility it has become possible to organise exhibitions of cultural relics in the Kashubian village. You can see the different types of tools once used in households (c [ + ]
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    Open air museum Wdzydze

    The open air museum of Wdzydze Kiszewskie is over 100 years old and boasts a collection of nearly 50 historic wooden buildings. This was the first open air museum in Poland and was founded in 1906 by Theodora and Isidore Gulgowscy in an eighteenth-century cottage. At the beginning the collection included domestic and farm equipment, and ... a valua [ + ]
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